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At Morgans Hotel Group, we are the global leader and innovator of the lifestyle hospitality sector, dedicated to building a differentiated brand portfolio and establishing our properties in 24 hour urban and select resort markets. Criamos uma vibração que incentiva os nossos hóspedes, que chamamos a Aula Criativa, a viverem cada momento mais intensamente. O Morgans Hotel Group é envolvente, transformador e profundamente cativante, e abraça a ironia e o estilo, a elegância e o luxo, com uma visão forte e ousada. Unimos o poder criativo de muitos – designers, artistas, músicos – para romper as regras, estender as possibilidades e ampliar constantemente os limites do que um hotel pode ser. Lideramos, onde os outros seguem.

Delano is the ultimate oasis of sensuality and soul, where sophistication and ease seamlessly blend with timeless design. Effortlessly chic and flirtatious, yet restrained in its simplicity, Delano is proof that the new rules of elegance are crisp, clean, and modern, without fuss or complexity. There is a world outside Delano, but there is nothing there you need. Delano is in South Miami Beach, Las Vegas, and is coming soon to Cartagena, Cesme and Dubai.

Mondrian is a place to see-and-be-seen. Aqui, acreditamos no momento perfeito, em que prevalece a confiança e possibilidades eternas aguardam. Intense, current, and playful, Mondrian is bold and brave, offering instant excitement the minute the door swings open - seductive and striking, it’s where glamour and fantasy prevail. Mondrian is in London, Los Angeles, and South Miami Beach, and is coming soon to Doha and Istanbul.

Hudson is filled with exuberance and energy, social interaction and passion for life. Tudo começa no lobby, o coração e a alma do hotel, onde vidas intrigantes se cruzam, conversas genuínas acontecem espontaneamente e a aventura e a experimentação começam. Spirited and casual, Hudson is the perfect urban playground, where youthful curiosity hangs with eclectic enchantment, and around every corner lies another opportunity to explore. Hudson is in New York City.

Originals are a family of individual hotels that shun the status quo, each distinctive and daring, creating a surreal fantasy where anything is possible. Stimulating, charismatic and iconic, Originals bring vision and style together with a spirit filled with magic and illusion. Sanderson and St Martins Lane in London, Morgans and Royalton in New York, Shore Club in South Miami Beach, and 10 Karaköy in Istanbul are all Originals.

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